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Awareness for health and environment 

corporate social responsibilit

More and more companies take their corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, but it can be hard to make a difference that really matters. Often, the first step is to create awareness. By providing Retap Bottles to your employees and relations, your company shows its awareness for people’s health and a sustainable environment.

Retap Bottles are used by companies in different ways:

·  At offices
·  As a (promotional) gift
·  For events or special occasions, etc.

Branding your own Retap Bottles

As a company you have the possibility to brand Retap Bottles with your own logo and/or a message that supports your company’s values. We can print up to 4 colours or ‘frosted’, a technique that looks like engraving or lasering. Contact one of our professional resellers to find out what suits your company best. They will happily provide you with a suitable advice and a print suggestion, without any obligations.

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