Innovative packaging: the Retap insert

When we developed our latest innovative packaging, we tried to think a bit outside the box. Or actually inside the bottle, to be more precise. We wanted to put more focus on the characteristic shape of the bottle, that is both elegant and creates a good flow when drinking from the bottle. We also wanted to show off that it’s a glass bottle, but still be able to provide some valuable information and attract attention.

The result is the inserts that we now have available. It’s a piece of (eco-friendly!) paper that follows the shape of the bottle and resembles the flow of water when filling the bottle.

Retap insert

The front of the insert is clean and simple to emphasize our dedication to the Danish Design principles: simple and functional. There’s more information on the back to present some of the most important features of the Retap Bottle, for example: strong borosilicate glass, non-toxic / BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Retap Insert - Retap Bottle 05

We also made an important step in the right direction, making the insert fully ‘carbon neutral’-printed on Nordic eco-certified paper. Read more about what this entails in our ecoprint section.


The attentive customer will notice that, through the bottom of the bottle, the insert shows that our Retap Bottles are made in Europe and designed in Denmark.


From now on, our insert will be distributed to shops that sell the Retap Bottles. We hope it sparks the curiosity of customers that are ready to improve the way they drink water!

Retap Inserts in Retap Bottles

For companies that would like to receive custom printed inserts with their custom printed Retap Bottles, please ask your contact person at Retap or your preferred reseller for possibilities and prices.

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