Newsletter September: Bottles for Water and 1001fontaines

To this day, 900 million people living in rural areas do not have access to clean drinking water. We want to change that and we need your help. Promote Retap Bottles and support our charity campaign for access to clean drinking water in developing countries.

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Until the end of 2015, for every customer that donates 50 cent per Retap Bottle, we will also donate 50 cent. Together we can raise € 1 per Retap Bottle that will go a 100% to 1001fontaines.

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1001fontaines provides clean drinking water to small communities in developing countries. 1001fontaines is training motivated local entrepreneurs to ensure long lasting solutions, so that all our donations will still be useful in 10 years and beyond. 

1001fontaines has achieved strong recognition among key organizations such as UNICEF, World Vision, Plan International, Oxfam, and by Ministries of Rural Development.

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Your donation helps to:

  1. Supply safe drinking water
  2. Increase the health of rural populations – allowing them to drink clean water
  3. Create new jobs – through micro businesses
  4. Increase the economic opportunities of the local people

Help to make a difference – one bottle at a time

  1. € 1 provides safe drinking water to 1 child at (their) school for a whole year
  2. € 20 is the cost to provide access to safe drinking water for one person for a lifetime
  3. € 500 provide safe drinking water to a whole school for a year

Please contact: Patricia Schandlbauer | Tel.: +45 53 56 05 49 | Mail: ps@retap.de

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