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On Wednesday February 8th 2017 Retap launches a new product Retap Infuse on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Retap Infuse is a new sustainable alternative to bottled flavoured water.

In 2014 Retap had great success using the crowdfunding platform Lendino, lending DKK 200.000 to expand their business in the USA. Lenders financed the loan, each investing between DKK 2.000 and DKK 80.000.

“We thought that crowdfunding and crowdlending was reserved for artier and quirky inventions, but it turned out to be the right solution for our company. The loan from Lendino gave us an economic benefit, and the fast expedition made us use Lendino again lending even more money, as the expansion in the USA went beyond our expectations. We still believe in crowdfunding and believe that Kickstarter is the right platform to fund our new instant flavoured water product, Retap Infuse”

says Lars Brøndum Petersen, CEO in Retap.

Retap Infuse is a collection of instant beverage mixes for making flavoured water, designed to provide ordinary tap water with a natural hint of fruit and berries. The idea behind the product is simply to make the experience of drinking tap water more exciting. Being hydrated is important for our bodies and brains to function – the challenge is however often how to create healthy habits, how to drink enough water every day. This challenge was the basis for the idea behind Retap Infuse, a product that would give the consumer a natural and refreshing flavour experience when mixed with tap water. After a few years of research and development Retap is now ready with the first four Retap Infuse flavours.

The four Retap Infuse flavours are all based on natural extracts from fruits and berries, including a low content of sugar and calories. Retap Infuse is packed in small stick packs. Just mix it with 250 ml of tap water, and you have your own flavoured water. Compared to ready-to-drink products in disposable plastic bottles, Retap Infuse is a more sustainable way to stay hydrated, due to less packaging meaning less CO2 emission.

“As Retap Infuse is an instant product, the consumer can mix it with tap water e.g. in a reusable Retap glass bottle, thus reducing the need for plastic packaging. Moreover, the environmental impact of the transportation and cooling of bottled water before consumption, is removed, you simply use tap water.” explains Lars Brøndum Petersen and continues “we hope that many will see why our approach to flavoured water products is a good and sustainable idea and give their support to our Kickstarter launch.”

The crowdfunding campaign for Retap Infuse on Kickstarter runs through February, Retap aims to collect DKK 100.000.

Retap started in 2009 with a mission to provide clean, environmentally sustainable and cost effective water solutions as an alternative to disposable waters in plastic bottles.

“The idea of the Retap Bottle came up after a colleague and I had been reading about plastic islands floating around in the oceans, islands mainly consisting of used plastic bottles. We felt that something had to be done, so we decided that we would create a water bottle especially designed for tap water”

says Lars Brøndum Petersen. In the summer of 2010 the company launched the Retap Bottle, which today is sold in more than 55 countries worldwide. Retap hopes that their new product, Retap Infuse, will follow the success of the Retap Bottle and be the next step towards a more sustainable future for water consumption.


Lars Brøndum Petersen, CEO, lbp@retap.dk, +45 53 56 27 54

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