Questions from our resellers that you might have as well. Take a look at the FAQ list below and see, if your question has been answered already. If not, you are more than welcome to contact us

Please contact Kenneth Holm, our Sales Manager. He can provide you with all the important info to get started and introduce you to a contact person here at Retap.
You can find all the MOQ’s on our price list. You will receive the price list from your contact person at Retap, when you get started. For bottles with a custom print the MOQ’s are as follows: Retap Bottle 03: 120 pieces. Retap Bottle 05: 112 pieces. Retap Bottle 08: 90 pieces.
Take a look at Marketing – here we have assembled everything you might need in order to promote Retap effectively. For product pictures and lifestyle photos go directly to our image library
We have our warehouse in Germany and we can ship worldwide. We will always help you to get our products for the lowest shipping price possible. 
Please note that the Lifetime Warranty only applies to the standard Retap Bottles (b2c) and not to custom printed bottles (b2b). So only if you sell our standard Retap Bottles: a customer will have to return with a picture of the broken bottle and a receipt, and then you can give him a new Retap Bottle. We will refund broken bottles when you order from us the next time or we will credit the total amount upon your request. You can also direct your customer to our Lifetime Warranty page, but note that we need to ask your customer for a 5 euro fee for shipping and handling.