We print as many of our European communication materials and packaging options as possible at our printing partner Lasertryk in Denmark.

Lasertryk is the most eco-friendly printing company that we could find in Scandinavia and a front-runner in Europe. Read more about their environmental policy on their website (in Danish) or in their ‘little eco brochure’ (in Danish).

Here’s the four main reasons for us to print eco-friendly.


1) Eco-certified paper


Our ecoprint materials are printed only on eco-certified paper. 95% has the official nordic ‘Svanemærke’ ecolabel. The remaining 5% has a comparable EU eco-standard. The nordic ecolabel entails:

· Use of eco-friendly paper
· Use of organic print colours
· Recycling of printed matter
· Minimising paper waste and waste in general
· Energy reductions and renewable energy
· Respect for chemical safety and reduction of the risk of inhaling organic solvents


2) Carbon-neutral print

Carbon neutral print

Our partner is amongst the few printing companies in Denmark that offer carbon-neutral print to their customers. It is a voluntary option that we choose to commit to.

Every year, the carbon footprint for all printing materials is calculated by the independent company ClimateCalc. Based on the carbon footprint, it is then calculated how many Co2-quotes are needed to compensate for the impact on the environment. The Co2-quotes are used to establish a direct Co2 reduction.

This means that the Co2-quotes that we buy are, among other things, invested in wind power and solar power projects and the installation of Co2-reducing technology in developing countries.


3) Eco-friendly policy

Solcelanlæg Lasertryk

Our partner does more than is expected from them to meet the standards in CSR. For one thing, they have installed the biggest solar power roof in Jutland (the western part of Denmark). This covers 30% of their total electricity use. Since the roof top is fully covered, they are investigating the possibility of getting a wind turbine installed to become fully powered by renewable energy.

Furthermore, they invest in modern low-energy printing technology and facilities, to reduce the use of electricity. They has been the first printing company in Europe that invested in the Heidelberg XL 106-8-P LE UV that uses up to 25% less energy than regular printing machines. They also invested in LED lights at the facilities that use 50% less energy.

Read all about Lasertryk’s eco-friendly solutions in the eco policy section on their website (in Danish).


4) Local Danish partner


There’s only about 160 km. from our printer to our warehouse, so we keep shipping distances short. Shipping goods has a high impact on the environment, so a local partner keeps our carbon footprint small. 

Besides that, our partner is a Danish company, with Danish rules and regulations, so we know that the employees work under good conditions.