Danish Design special

Retap was a part of the ‘Made by Denmark’ special that came with the national newspaper Jyllands Posten. The theme was Danish Design, so we’re proud to be in it.


Functionality & Simplicity

As Morten Grøn, CEO at Design Denmark, says in an interview in the special:

“what sets danish design apart from other design traditions, is that functionality comes first and form after that”.

He adds that this had a big influence on the aesthetics:

“It has always been about ‘less is more’. This way of thinking resulted over time in the classic designs that impress with simplicity and often a complete absence of decorations.”

Danish design article 2

We couldn’t agree more! As we say in the interview with us:

“In the development [of the bottle] we focused a lot on the two main principles of Danish Design: the Retap Bottle had to be, first and foremost, simple and functional. The bottle has a special functional design that makes it pleasant to drink from. The water has a steady flow.”

And later:

“The idea of simplicity shows in the clean lines of the bottle without any further distractions.”

Accessible design

In addition, Morten Grøn says:

“against the beliefs of many, Danish Design is not a movement for the elite. We still see that today, where many people have Danish Design classics in their homes. Danish Design has always been there for the people and it is this movement of the people that defined the design tradition over time.”

The danish design movement started just after World War II and most classics are pieces of furniture from the 50’s and 60’s. They are timeless though. The Retap Bottle is new compared to these classics, but we’re proud to share the same vision.

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