Join ‘Bottles for Water’

Join as a reseller!

Show your own interest in doing something good for others and our planet. You only have to communicate the campaign to your customers, it’s up to them if they want to join.

  • It’s a new strong argument to convince your customers, especially up to Christmas.
  • It’s good for your image (and your own happiness) to show that you join.

  • The more customers that join, the more you support the campaign (the happier everyone is)!

To make it easy to communicate the ‘Bottles for Water’ campaign, please look at our promopack.

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What’s in it for your customers?

As a thank you, we will provide your customer with free exposure:

  • We will feature each donating customer on our homepage, social media, and in our newsletter.

  • At the next PSI Fair in February 2016, we will show an overview of our donating customers: the more a customer gives – the bigger their logo will be.

So your customers do not only have the chance to show that they are doing good but also boost their international visibility.

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