What can you do to help?

Until the end of 2015, for every company that donates 0,50 euro per Retap Bottle they order, we will also donate 0,50 euro. Together we can raise € 1 per Retap Bottle that will go fully to 1001fontaines.

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As a reseller, you can use the documents in the promopack to send out to your customers. If the promopack doesn’t offer what you need, we can make exactly the material that you request. Feel free to contact us.

As a company, you can simply join by donating 0,50 euro per Retap Bottle you order. Find a preferred reseller who can help you with your order. In return for your donation, every Retap Bottle will include a ‘thank you’-card and we provide you with exposure to show that you joined our campaign. Read more.

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Our impact

With only one euro per bottle, 1001fontaines can make a significant change. 

€ 1 provides safe drinking water to 1 child at school for a whole year
€ 20 is the cost to provide access to safe drinking water for one person for a lifetime
€ 500 provide safe drinking water to a whole school for a year

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